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    What is the soul?

    An ancient conversation

    A story from the Upanishads about the conversation between a father and son explains the nature of matter and spirit

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    The Truth, the Means, and the Goal

    The general content demanded of any form of siddhanta, or ‘philosophical conclusion,’ whether a short poem or longer exposition, is that it should offer nothing less than a cogent, wide-ranging and well-evidenced explanation of Brahman, the ultimate reality, the infinite origin of all things, and the foundational matrix of all existence. The explanation must describe how the observer, the individual,…

    The Gentle Art of Debate

    In ancient India, in a green mountain valley fed by rushing ice-cold streams, two groups of philosophers sit down to debate in public. Eyeing one another with keenness and memorizing last-minute lines of handwritten text, the pundits wait patiently while hundreds of people gather to watch. Coloured flags curl and snap in the fresh breeze, and the fragrance of incense…

    Navigating the English Channel Asylum Seekers Crisis

    The English Channel has long been a symbol of shared history and cultural exchange between the United Kingdom and the continent. However, in recent years, the calm waters have witnessed a surge of small boats carrying asylum seekers from various parts of the world, sparking a heated debate about immigration policies and national security. I feel it is important to…

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    Meet Kripamoya Das
    A disciple of A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

    H.G. Kripamoya Das was born in the UK, and has been teaching Bhakti Yoga for almost 5 decades.


    “Kripamoya Prabhu is always so personal and has all the time in the world for you. His advice is very practical and helpful always!”

    Radha Govinda Das

    “Kripamoya Prabhu and all the support he has provided has been a life line for me in these strange times of the Coronavirus pandemic”

    Ian Whitaker

    “Kripamoya Prabhu builds relationships with individuals according to their needs. He is so kind, funny and interested and has built my confidence to participate fully in devotee friendships.”

    Mary Smith

    “Somehow Kripamoya prabhu always seems to be able to make time for me. No problem is too big and no question too small. I feel truly blessed to have his association.”

    Chris Caswell

    “Kripamoya prabhu is always full of great insights. Although we may not see the hills for the trees, he has a great ability to pinpoint parts of our sadhana that need addressing”

    William Clarke

    “Kripamoya is not only approachable but also very knowledgeable”

    Gangadevi Devi Dasi

    “Kripamoya Prabhu has been pivotal in my Krishna Consciousness, answering every question I have with compassion. He has been encouraging and supportive.”

    Arati Kakkad