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Questions on the Road of Bhakti (3 Volumes Included)

Lost and Found

Over the course of the last forty years, people have asked me many questions about spiritual life, particularly my subject of bhakti-yoga. I have collected their questions here, together with my answers, and I hope you find them useful.

The first section is more general questions on eastern philosophy; the second more about the bhakti tradition and culture; and the third covers the practical aspects of spiritual life in today's world.

Presented first as three small volumes, they are bound together in this digital edition.

1. Asking Big Questions
2. The Krishna Connection
3. Mechanics of Spirituality


Everything you've wanted to know about the Guru-Disciple relationship

The Guru Disciple Book

The dynamic between a wise and compassionate preceptor and a committed student is the human foundation for many of the world's great spiritual traditions. The Guru & Disciple Book examines the traditional identity, character, roles and methods of the spiritual teacher and student in the classical and contemporary world. In forty-five accessible chapters, the author describes the nature of spiritual relationships and the spiritual community created by them, together with the occasional struggles that can occur, through history and in modern times.


164 important questions you need to ask before initiation

The Guru & Disciple Q & A Book

For more than ten years I taught a course to new students of bhakti-yoga titled 'The Guru and Disciple Course.' I noticed that some questions kept on coming up in the classes so I wrote a book to help students go a little deeper into the subject. It was quite an exhaustive volume at 430 pages, and it delved into the history and culture of the guru-disciple relationship, the esoteric aspects, the psychology, and the modern-day sensibilities of arranging one's life to accommodate a guru.

The questions kept coming, and were sometimes challenging, humorous, suspicious, deep or thought provoking. So in this book - small by comparison to the last - I've chosen 164 questions along with my answers. They are all real questions and I answered them either verbally or through correspondence. I hope you like them.

If you teach this subject, as I do, you'll know it can make for great discussions. I hope this book will give you much food for thought.


Questions on Marriage and Relationships

For a Hundred Autumns

For the past forty-five years, people have been asking me questions about the spiritual path of yoga described in India’s wisdom texts, the Vedas. And for nearly forty of those years I have been married. So naturally, people have often asked me questions on relationships, marriage, and family – and how they can be part of an authentic spiritual path.

Sometimes, my questioners have been struggling with challenges to their relationship – whether arguments, adultery, or boredom; or they have discussed positive life stages such as their wedding, conception, child-rearing, the mid-life crisis and more.

In this book I have collected many of those questions, and my answers, and organised them according to themes. I think it makes for a good conversation and I hope you will find it helpful.

The title of this book is taken from the 8,000-year-old Sanskrit wedding vow:

“May we remain together, listen to joyous sounds together. May we always experience well-being, and speaking loving words, may we remain together for a hundred autumns.”

Many hundreds of people have helped me write this book. It is based on thousands of hours of exchanges with them, as well as collected traditional and modern wisdom. But the views expressed in these pages are my own.


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